Frequently Asked Questions About
Our Custom Made Decorative
 Wooden Exterior Shutters

Why do you recommend Cedar?
      In addition to cedar's natural beauty, it also has the natural ability to resist rotting and insects.  However, we also offer other wood types such as pine as well as composite materials.

How long do the stain or clear treatments last?
  Depending on the amount of direct sun light they receive, three to four years minimum without maintenance.

Can my shutters be painted instead?
 Yes! We also offer in-house painting if you prefer.

Can I get decorative wooden shutters that also offer hurricane protection?
  Yes! We can customize the design to also act as hurricane shutters if the need arises. These designs make it easy to 'board up' if a hurricane threatens your area.

Do you offer any special decorative accessories?
 Yes! We have the Texas Star in cast iron, the Fleur-de-lis, strap hinges, clavos, flat bar, animals, cut outs and more.

What is the cost for custom wood shutters?
  Our prices start at $59.95 per window plus options.